What's with the slogan, "Shake The Mother!"?

  Zsolt Sauce has the "Mother", which you'll find in unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). ACV starts with apple juice with yeast added to it. The yeast eats the sugar and a byproduct is alcohol. Then, a benign bacteria called acetobacter, which lives in the air everywhere, converts the alcohol into acetic acid.  Zsolt sauce has a mix of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, so you want to "Shake the Mother!" to get an even distribution of all of these contents when using it. It'll taste about the same without shaking it, but by shaking it you are getting the most out of it!

How long is the shelf life?

  Vinegar is an acid with an indefinite shelf life, requiring no refrigeration. Even after the 5 year shelf life has passed, it's technically still safe, but it's unlikely to still be around after a month! We cannot recommend trying it after 5 years.

What can I use it in?

  Oysters, Beer, Salad, Whiskey, Eggs, Strawberries, Chicken Wings, Pasta, Fish, Cheesecake, Sushi, Wine, just about anything! It enhances the flavour of everything you use it in, but it will curdle milk or cream. So I wouldn't use it in a Double / Double Coffee or Tea, but black is ok, as is Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Grilled Cheese, even Cheese! It doesn't work on everything for everyone, but it works on most things for most people.

What should I avoid using it in?

  As mentioned above, a coffee or tea with milk or cream in it will be curdled, but finished dairy products such as Ice Cream, Grilled Cheese or Pizza work just fine! For cream sauces, it can be a hit and miss, so we recommend that you test a spoonful of the dish first before using it on the entire plate.

What is the guided flavour journey?

  This is where you sample the product on it's own and as you are tasting it, the flavours you are experiencing are being described as you are experiencing them! You can find this on the Zsolt Sauce YouTube Channel and you can follow along to experience it for yourself!

How much should I use?

  Everyone has a different palette, so you will have to determine what the right amount is for you.

  For things like Strawberries or Oysters, a few drops will do, but for food and drink, you will want to squeeze enough in it or on it so that you can feel the heat from the pepper as well as the zing from the vinegar, so that you can experience the Zsolt Sauce Effect. This is where the flavour changes as it bounces back and forth between the vinegar and the pepper.

  For drinks, test a small amount of the beverage in a cup or glass with a little squeeze of the bottle. Test the mix by just touching it to your tongue to determine if you can feel the heat. If you don't, add a little more. You may want to raise the heat based on your palette.

  Once you have the right taste, you have an idea of the ratio that suits the dish or drink along with your current palette.

  Your flavour palette is effected by many things such as what you just ate or drank, how much you've slept, your mood, or what's going on around you,  to name a few, so the ratio of how much sauce to use may change, but you'll get a general idea of what works best for you over time.

What's the Zsolt Sauce Effect?

  The balance between the vinegar and peppers is evenly matched, so the taste of the sauce changes at it bounces back and forth between the two flavours, before settling into a delicious taste that lasts for 5 to 10 minutes. This is the Zsolt Sauce Effect, and it's unlike anything you've ever experienced!

Can I give my dog Zsolt Sauce?

  Some dogs really enjoy Zsolt Sauce! ACV is totally safe for dogs and it helps with their digestion, plus it can make their boring dry dog food exciting! Not every dog likes Zsolt Sauce, but when they do, they really do!

How young can you be to enjoy Zsolt Sauce?

  The youngest taster we have on record was a 6 month old baby girl who you can see on the Instagram page. Everyone's different and we recommend starting with touching a drop to your finger and then touching it to the middle of the tongue. Make sure you film it and post it on YouTube!

What makes Zsolt Sauce unique? Isn't it just a spicy vinegar?

  The balance between the vinegar and the peppers is evenly matched, so the taste changes as it bounces back and forth between the two, creating a unique experience that enhances the flavour of everything you use it on!

  Eventually, the two flavours find a common ground, but there's still a subtle bounce happening between the two, creating a unique flavour that feels like a single taste that lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your palette.

  You can use more or less Zsolt Sauce and the swings between the two create a different taste, so there's a lot to play with!

Why does it taste different sometimes?

  The amount of Zsolt Sauce creates a different taste each time as the swings between the vinegar and the peppers are larger the more you use. Same sauce but with a wide range of flavours created!

What are the health benefits? 

  There is a huge fan-base of Unfiltered ACV who claim it helps with their health in many ways including weight loss, blood pressure and many others. There is some debate as to what it is truly good for and we can't make any claims as we are not health practitioners, but you can try it for yourself and do some research on what others have found.

  Note, we do not recommend using pure Zsolt Sauce as a shot, as it can damage your teeth, but you can add it to your water, along with regular unfiltered ACV, to make a tasty, sugar-free, antimicrobial digestive electrolyte drink!

Are there different kinds of Zsolt Sauce?

  My vision is to teach people globally how to make the sauce with local ingredients, but the balance between the heat of the peppers and the zing of the vinegar will always create the Zsolt Sauce Effect. There will be hundreds of versions of my sauce that will taste different but will consistently enhance the flavour of foods and drinks with the magic effect of the swing between the two ingredients!

What is the Zsolt Sauce Fund?

  A portion of the sales by all the producers globally will go towards a fund that will support projects whose focus is, "How can we make life better for everyone on the planet?" Globally focused but community based. The focus of Zsolt Sauce is love, not money!

How do I become a producer?

  Please send an email to info@zsoltsauce.com to find out how to join the vision!